IlClan and Beyond

Work began this weekend on a new BattleTech sourcebook, IlClan. I decided to step in to wrangle the project (not write, however) into shape for a couple of reasons. This book truly sets up the “unknown future” of the universe. Considering I’m looking farther ahead to writing/managing several books dealing with the line’s progression over the next few years, it’s important we have a solid foundation going forward.

Key to the process is developing the book’s structure and timeline. Because I’m looking ahead and making sure plot elements and characters fit together, I do a lot of brainstorming to help structure my thoughts. From that, I craft an overarching outline and then drill down based on the project.

So over the weekend, I pulled out an easel pad and went to work. Since I’m managing the project, I thought I’d blog the process from genesis to finish, just as I’ve done for Wars of Reaving and Total Chaos.

This is where it all begins.

The genesis of plot, from Era Report 3145 forward.

The genesis of plot, from Era Report 3145 forward.


9 thoughts on “IlClan and Beyond

  1. For the love of . . . Can you not leave the Cats alone?! Or even let them have something good, for crying out loud? Garrr . . . .

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  3. Clan wolf In Exile must still be a force to be reckoned with. So sick of this falcon love you have going on.

    • “Falcon love”? Um, no. Also, if you can’t tell, that entire workpad is full of bogus crap anyway. Which, if you really read it closely AND CHECK THE DATE, you can see we were screwing around.

      Just FYI, when I was developer, all factions got equal amounts of love and hate. However, fans will see what they want, so… *shrug* whatever, man. I’m not working for BT anymore, so you can rest easy now.

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