Welcome Home

Big News...and a future

My wife and I recently made the decision to move forward and begin the process to adopt an older child. The following is a letter I’ve written over and over in my head the last few days.

Hi there. You don’t know us, not yet. And we don’t know you, per se.

But we can’t wait to meet you.

Having you join our family has been a long time coming; truly, a journey with its own ups and downs. The end result, however, is this:

You + us = family.

For many years, we were never sure about expanding our little family beyond our cute, furry ‘children.’ And then, as the year turned to 2015, we realized that yes, we wanted to open our arms and step through that door.

All the while, you were out there. Hoping, waiting, wondering.

Our home is only so big, of course. But you’ll find that our hearts are bigger than you can imagine. We very much ache to bring you home, give you that safety, security, comfort, and most importantly, love that you need. Desire. Or, dare we say, crave.

We’ll all experience growing pains, sure. We’ll for sure argue and disagree, fumble around with feelings, have words and tears.

But we’ll also have euphoria and excitement, bonding through all kinds of experiences, share in laughter and joy.

Most of all, though, we’ll have love. More than you can know or expect. You will have love in abundance, beyond overfilling, covering you with a peace and acceptance that you may have never quite known before.

As we move forward and navigate the red tape so we can get to you, we’re already looking forward to meeting you for the first time.

But I’m quite sure we’ve always known you. And you, us.

Welcome home.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Ben….awesome to read this! I wanted to know the story but didn’t want to pry. Praying for you. Quite a process. Blessings, grace, and strength to you! Can’t wait to hear about your new family member! Keep us posted!

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