Sketching the Future

Vision? Check. Direction? Check. Concept? Check. Artist? Check.

So what’s next?

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Artistic Character

Using artwork has a number of benefits, the biggest being the ability to create a future reality.

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Local Indigenous Artist Showcases the Racism of Redskin

Those who think the continuing movement to change the name of the local pro football team is a waste of time and trivial were clearly not at the recent Art All Night event here in the District. Secreted in one corner of the venue was local Indigenous artist Gregg Deal. His project, “Redskin,” took on the racial overtones of the team moniker and projected it at his audience.

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The Strange Comfort of Brian Jungen

The use of every-day objects to create Indian cultural icons is something very different, born from Native ingenuity of crafting one object out of another, a common practice with many First Nation people. Jungen commented that he grew up watching his Dunne-za relatives recycle everything from car parts to shoe boxes. “It was a kind of salvaging born out of practical and economic necessity, and it greatly influenced how I see the world as an artist.”

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