Verizon: Endgame

FIOS installed. Rate confirmed. Though the installers were two hours late, I was up and connected by 2 p.m. And they did a nice and clean job on the installation, so I can’t complain there.

I will be writing a follow-up letter to Mr. CEO, however. I can’t help but think that if the “peon” Verizon staff had treated me like the ‘handler’ team has these last two weeks, this issue (and four posts) wouldn’t even exist. But alas, no.

S’okay, though. Gives me fodder to blab about.

Meantimes, I’ll be scrutinizing that bill pretty closely for a while.

Still, I’m happy. I can at least now check email from any room in the house. Brilliant!

Verizon Update, part 2

After some long back-and-forth and multiple phone calls (and retelling the entire saga at least three more times), it has been decided I am worthy for FIOS at an equal rate, with an additional three months reduction (of about 50%) plus free installation. And when told the earliest install date was Oct 15, the nice lady immediately took it back and rescheduled it for tomorrow before I could launch into it again.

So. Tomorrow, it seems, I will be returning to the internet on more than a scatter-shot basis.

Verizon Update

So according to one department, my DSL is connected and functioning.

Yet I can’t connect to the internet.

After some digging by the tech people, it’s discovered that no, actually, there’s no DSL order attached to my line. I need to call sales to ‘add’ the order. Which I’d done back at the beginning of September, duh.

After some MORE digging by my “handler” (the customer complaint care team), it’s discovered that DSL actually isn’t offered in my area. Which is a surprise to me, since the gentleman I’d set my service switch up with back at the beginning of September assured me that DSL is available in my area. If it’s not, why am I just finding out about it now?

I would’ve considered FIOS and not renewed my DirecTV contract if I’d known this. If I break my satellite contract, we’d owe a large chunk of money back to them for all the new equipment and installation.

What a clusterfrag.

I’m beyond amazement at the incompetence levels being displayed here, much less the breakdown of communications from a communications company. (And I’m told by an ‘insider’ that Verizon’s customer service is rated #1 above all other telecoms…which just boggles the imagination.)

I am supposed to find out what Verizon’s “bail out” plan from this gigantic FUBAR is today.

I’m not holding my breath.