Building Battles

I’ve been pretty quiet about my latest project in production, Campaign Operations. And I’ll probably have a lot more to say about it in the coming weeks leading to GenCon. It’s the first major rulebook I’ve had the pleasure/hell of managing.

So until I do that, bask in the final cover.

Campaign Ops cover

Campaign Operations contains rules for generating and running any type of force within the BattleTech universe. From a single pirate BattleMech all the way to regimental combat teams, players can scale to their own taste. Additional rules cover running campaigns, from battlefield roles and force-building, to missions and the Warchest campaign system. Expanded OpFor rules allow for the easy generation of large-scale forces that mesh with the deployments from the dozen Field Manuals published over the years. Finally, complete solar system construction rules allow players to tailor their campaigns even further with unique worlds to defend or conquer.

Digital version releasing (tentatively) around GenCon 2016.

Guest Hosting Spot with STG

I recently did a podcast with the guys at Saving the Game (you may remember them from the two-parter we did back in spring of this year) and the new episode posted today.

I apologize in advance for the weird feedback echo that apparently follows my voice around in this ep…

Thanks much to Grant, Peter, and Brandon for the fun and putting up with my chatterbox self.

Chaos Theory, Redux

Portion of Plog’s interior chapter art.

Okay, so this may be a little redundant based on my prior post. I’m sure you, fair reader, can cope, as the in the last post I got a tad bit ahead of myself in describing the germination of the idea for Total Chaos. Let me back up a tad, back to just after the initial pitch but before the formalized outline, and restart.

The pitch idea was to compact all of the Jihad Chaos tracks into one volume, supplemented with selected tracks from the six JTPs published over the last four years. Revamping the rules and many of the older tracks to conform with the Total Warfare ruleset was priority as well.

But what if we also gave players the chance to run side missions? These generic tracks, first seen in the Starterbook series, were designed for quick-and-easy scenarios that could fill the gaps in the main track timeline. (As astute readers of the Jihad Hot Spots books have noticed, there can be several months between tracks, plenty of time for one-offs and side missions to augment their campaign play.) These generic missions would also give players a chance to rebuild and regain lost Warchest Points (WP) to prepare for the more brutal tracks ahead.

So I tossed all of the mission tracks from both Starterbooks onto the pile. And made room for two new ones as well: Stalwart and Pushback. Continue reading