Classy Action from a Classy Organization


It’s no secret around here I’m a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

When the NHL announced last year that the 2012 NHL Entry Draft would be held in Pittsburgh at the team’s beautiful new CONSOL Energy Center building, I told my wife we should really try to go. Since getting to a game up there (I live in the metro DC area, for those who don’t know) is well nigh difficult – and expensive – it was  a great shot for us to go see the new digs. Tickets, when released to the public, are free for both Round 1 (Friday evening) and Rounds 2-7 (Saturday morning/afternoon). The trick is being on hand to squeeze into the lottery for the tickets.

Because of my current work situation and schedule, I was going to be home on Tuesday, June 5 when the tickets would be released. Only 3,000 were going to be open for the public to snag, and I squared the 15 minutes or so I’d need ahead of time; no phone, no freelancing, no nothing. Just me, the laptop, and the Penguins ticket site on refresh.

What happened then was a complete disaster-turned-awesome – all thanks to Ticketmaster (disaster) and the Penguins organization (awesome). Rather than explain, I’ll simply share the emails that occurred since then. Continue reading

For the Love of the Game

As you may or may not be aware, GenCon 2010 was this past weekend. (No, I didn’t attend.) Normally I wouldn’t really talk about it here, since I didn’t go, there’s not really any news from me that didn’t get gleaned from the panels there, and I’m pretty sure no one cares from my end. But that’s okay and pretty immaterial to the following story anyway.

I’d initially thought about not saying anything at all about it, since it really doesn’t need addressed, but a conversation with Brian (JadeHellbringer) last night sort of forces my hand. See, he filled me in on a situation I was involved in at GenCon – despite me being here, nearly a thousand miles away – and I was bemused and a little disturbed at the perspective from the convention-goer’s end. So here’s the story of what really happened, simply to put the rumors to rest. This is something I really don’t want getting out of hand or being told ad nauseum with incorrect facts, after all.

Continue reading

Verizon: A Study in Customer Service (It’s Bad)

Photo courtesy of rememberwhatgodhasdone
100_5800 Verizon Truck, courtesy of rememberwhatgodhasdone

I’m sure many people are wondering where the heck I am these days. I’ve been unavailable by phone and severely limited in my online time since our ‘big move’ two weeks back.

Well, settle back, kids. I’ve got a story for you. In fact, I’ll let you read the letter I sent to the CEO of Verizon this Friday past – it sums it up pretty well. Continue reading