Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them…

The Death Star is almost cleared to fire. Work continues, though every time I come downstairs, the labor force is fooling around. And I have proof!

I’m pretty sure bets were being placed on whether Cap or Batman could knock the other out.


Though poor Han ended up being late to the brawl.

Speaking of brawls, I think Palps finally got the drop on Obi-Wan.

The only ones working were the stormtroopers…but even they weren’t totally immune.


Leave it to Master Chief to protect the project from rampant diagonas while everyone else screwed around…



With all this goofing off, I’m not sure WHEN the space station will be completed!

St. Germain and the Arc de Triomphe (Day 4)


Already halfway through our stay and we’ve seen everything we wished to see, save the Arc de Triomphe – something we planned on doing at night. So today was a morning of leisure and rest. When we were finally refreshed, we headed out to the Batobus and rode it to Faubourg Saint-Germain-des-Prés under a glorious autumn sky. (We had awoken to rain, so the clearing weather was a blessing.) We managed to shoot a few more photos of the Tour Eiffel with the gorgeous blue sky as the boat wound its way to St. Germain. Continue reading

Tour Eiffel and the Louvre (Day 3)

After a leisurely morning, we headed out towards the Seine to get passes for the Batobus, a river taxi relatively new to the city. We stopped by a boulangerie for a mid-morning snack, which we partook of while sitting in the large courtyard of the Hôtel de Ville. Our destination today was Tour Eiffel; rather than brave the Parisian Metro or walk the 2.5 miles, we opted for the river taxi which was a pleasant ride.

It’s hard to believe we were actually at the Tour Eiffel. If you couldn’t believe it, the multitude of souvenir sellers made sure you didn’t forget. With their wares dangling on large rings or spread out on blankets, they were EVERYWHERE. My wife remarked later that there was no “official” souvenir shop in the area, unlike in DC where the National Park Service has a shop at practically every single memorial and monument. Continue reading

NatGeo: Terra Cotta Warriors Invade! (Preview)


I was invited last week to a special local blogger/photographer pre-public event at the National Geographic Society, celebrating the visit of the extremely rare-outside-China terra cotta warriors. DC was the last stop on a four-city tour; they had 15 of the figures on display along with roughly 100 total pieces.

We only had an hour to visit, so I spent 59 minutes shooting the two galleries. (That one lone minute was for light-testing and a lens swap-out.) Though I shot nearly 150 photos, I ended up with about 95 worth anything. Shooting without flash is difficult indoors, especially in a soft-lit exhibit space. Still, I think I did decently well.

You can see the photos in my Flickr gallery. I’ll post a smattering here, after the jump.

Continue reading