The Road to Reaving – Part IX

BOOM!; photo by Mark Maestas

As promised, another installment. You can catch up in the usual place; today we’ll look at layout ideas and beyond after a brief interlude.

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The Road to Reaving – Part VIII

We continue our journey through the pits and perils that is the Wars of Reaving. When last we left our intrepid hero, he’d just been told there would be no record sheets and saw the book gutted of 15-16 pages of material. Whatever would our writer do?

(Catch up on the saga here.)

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The Road to Reaving – Part VII

Lonely Clint IIC; photo by David Kerber

Continuing the colossal struggle that is the writing of Wars of Reaving… As always, catch up on all the other segments on the Wars of Reaving page on this website.

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The Road to Reaving…Part VI

Snowbeast! (photo by "Cyttorak")

Continuing the seemingly never-ending saga of the Wars of Reaving. Which, if you ask my wife, is exactly what it seemed like to her during the next ten weeks after that phone call. (Catch up with all the linkage here.)

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The Road to Reaving…Part V

Khan Amanda Carrol

Now that my little sidetrip on my writing approach is complete, we’ll get back to our narrative. (Need to catch up? Flip over here and follow the links…) Continue reading

The Road to Reaving…Part IV

Showdown; photo by "Psycho"

When we last left off, I was staring at a botched narrative and another major rewrite. (If you need to, refresh yourself here.)

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