Quick update, I suppose.

Update 1: I recently had the chance to interview one of the museum curators at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, as well as tour their latest exhibit “A Song for the Horse Nation.” You can find both articles in the links provided. I rather enjoy blending interviews, history, and museum exhibitions together and really enjoyed the process for these.

Update 2: My wife and I just returned from an extended vacation in Paris. Yes, again. It was fabulous, wonderful, exciting, and much needed. I’ll be posting additional journal thoughts and photos here when I have free moments to construct them.

Update 3: I am pulling back into the writing saddle (so to speak) with both BattleTech and my aforementioned nonfiction book project. I have a few new chapters to complete for Potomac Press and I am in the process of submitting two proposals to Herb for additional sourcebooks in 2012. Plus, I have this whole Handbook: House Kurita to outline and write.

Update 4: And, finally – there’s a new MechWarrior game coming out. And I’ll be skipping this, mostly because of this from one of their game blogs:

So remember this, time and experience (the real kind), will always equal greater skill. Greater skill will always equal more rewards. You can’t buy skill, you earn it.

Let’s face it – for me, time is precious. With my commitments to my wife, work, freelancing, and basic life skills, I barely have time to play Wii and Xbox (first generation – not the 360), much less play with my friends. (They’ll vouch for me here – I see them for a HALO or Black Ops party maybe once in 3 months; you can imagine where I usually place on the kill boards and where my rank sits…) And I ditched my desktop PC last year; the main computers in our house are our laptops, and mine is specifically geared to writing and photo editing.

So as much as it might be fun to play, I’ll be avoiding it.

More News…

I was blessed to have the opportunity to interview Carrie Milbank for our WLDC site. She’s pretty awesome, even if she’s a secret Caps fan. (I kid – she’s like me in the sense that she likes any good hockey game, regardless of who’s playing. Except when it’s the Rangers – I draw the line there.)

Update? Never

Peaceful Repose

Post something regarding BattleTech, see site hits blow through the roof. Post on something OTHER than that universe? Tank city, baby.

It’s okay, it only confirms what I’ve known since birth: the goings-on in my life are pretty unimportant to everyone else. The internet LIES! It said if we blogged about all our inanity, we’d be famous?! LIES!

Yes, my sarcasm meter is on “medium-high” at the moment. Forgive me. I’ve been trapped the last four days writing and re-writing a campaign arc that will most likely turn every player using it against me. Not that that’s a surprise, really. Most players in my games love to dislike when I gamemaster. It’s only natural that like/loathe paradox extend to readers now – who in turn, turn around and use them on their friends. Ahhh, the cycle continues. Muwahahaha….er, em…

Ok, so yeah. Ravings of a tired mind here. Cut me some slack.

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